Thursday, August 9, 2007

Business as Usual

As I glance through the news each morning, it appears to me that things are getting largely back to normal.

Almost every thing I come across outside of atheist websites consists of a theist claiming how stupid and immoral atheists are. One of the most common assertions that I come across is, "You believe in justice without benefit of science, don't you? So, why not believe in God?"

Even in the face of so much evil done by those who claim to have gotten their instructions from God and scripture, the argument now seems to be, "You can't accuse us of injustice unless you believe in justice, and your belief in justice is not grounded on science."

Of course, I have no tolerance for that argument. The Atheist Ethicist blog is approaching 700 essays dealing with justice independent of God - as relationships between maleable desires and other desires.

But, actually, the deciding factor here is one of noise level. Ninety-five people with money behind them to purchase the microphone repeating a message will out shout five people without a microphone. As the 'atheist fad' comes to an end, those with the microphone are simply starting to say, "You had your turn. Your part of the show is over. It is time to move on. Now, sit down, be quiet, and let somebody else have a turn."

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