Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Before the War

Interestingly, I was just reminded of something that I had written on March 17, 2003, at the start of the invasion of Iraq.

I had posted this on the Internet infidels Discussion Boards.

What if Saddam is telling the truth?


What if Saddam has no weapons of mass destruction?

What if he destroyed them as he said (because he knew that they would be of no use to him -- he could not use them, as he had done in the past, without foreign governments invading).

What if, the only reason he did not make it easy for the inspectors was out of spite.

What if his plan is to have the USA attack, and then embarrass itself by finding none of the items which the USA claims justifies the invasion?

I think that the chances of this are very, very small. But, this evening, it came to be as an interesting possibility.

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Sheldon said...

As I have mentioned before, idle speculation in this regard was not really neccessary. We had one very public weapons inspector, Scott Ritter, who was drawing attention to the fact that it was on record that most weapons were destroyed shortly after the first Gulf War.

Then the question was, did he have the capacity to reconstruct another WMD program under restrictive sanctions? Seems a continuation of inspections would have been sufficient.

Interesting that you thought that the likelihood of your speculations was small. This is the peril of relying to much on the mainstream media.