Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Global Warming and Approaching the Unknown

As more and more evidence comes in suggesting that the effects of global warming will be worse than expected, more quickly than expected, I constantly think back on some of the arguments used several years ago against taking action.

One of those arguments was, "We don't really know what is going to happen, so we shouldn't take action just yet. We should wait."

Which I argued is a lot like thinking, "I don't know if that gun that this stranger is pointing at me is loaded, so I shouldn't try to prevent him from pulling the trigger."

The main issue, however, is not that this argument was made. It's the fact that this was part of a public relations campaign bought-and-paid-for by those who benefit from our failure to take action to protect our future and our children's future.

This was not an intellectual failing. This was a moral failing. This was a conscious decision made by people who said to themselves, "If I can prevent this person from taking action that might save his child from permanent harm, I will make $10," and opted for the $10.

Particularly during this election year, I don't want people to forget about the moral character of the types of people taking sides in some of these political issues.

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