Monday, March 31, 2008

"Google bombing" Expelled

There are a bunch of people out there trying to "google bomb" Ben Stein's movie "Expelled."

I actually don't know what this is supposed to accomplish.

I do know that, if you search Google for "Ben Stein Expelled" or any of a number of other options, my posting, Ben Stein's 'Expelled' is second on the list of hits - and that this posting accounts for about 30% of the hits on my Atheist Ethicist" site each day.

I kinda like that. I like the fact that the dominant criticism of the movie not only says that the people responsible are doing bad science, but they are making the world a worse place.

Science saves lives. ID theorists cannot give us a single piece of useful information - that can actually make predictions about the real world, helping us to cure disease or avoid the things that actually cause measurable real-world death and suffering.

I'm kinda hoping all of this google bombing doesn't knock me out of this position.


Divided By Zer0 said...

You shouldn't worry too much. A google bomb may work for a few days until Google takes notice and then it will be neutered.

Thew said...

Don't worry Doctor, Ben Stein's movie isn't hurting the world any more than your blog is helping it. But if it makes you feel good inside, I'm not going to put you down.