Thursday, March 6, 2008

Progress Report: Perspective - New appendix and cover art.

Technically, this is the blog where I should be reporting on my progress for the Perspective on the Pledge book.

Today, I got a first look at some artwork that will probably provide the cover. I provided an idea for the cover. However, a friend of mine supplied a very interesting suggestion.

I also added a second appendix - this one on offense. Obviously, people are going to protest that the story is offensive, and will attempt to reject it on those grounds alone. Or they will interpret the story as objecting to the story's equivalent of 'under God' and 'In God We Trust' on the grounds that they are offensive. The appendix makes clear that I do not consider offense to be a morally legitimate concern. It's truth that matters, not offense.

And, on the issue of freedom of speech, I argue that freedom of speech implies a freedom to criticize. What the right to freedom of speech protests people from is not criticism, but from violence (including the violence inherent in government censorship).

I sent a querry letter to a potential publisher, Prometheus Books, three weeks ago, but I have heard nothing back. If I do not hear back soon, or hear back with a negative response, I will go ahead with my plans to self-publish. I want to have this book available sooner rather than later.

Then comes the issue of promotion . . .

I will have more to say on that matter later.

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Hume's Ghost said...

I hope Prometheus answers. It would be nice for your book to be listed in their catalogue so that it would reach a wider audience.