Friday, December 21, 2007

Book Smuggling

I wish that I had enough money that I could afford to blow $1 million on favorite projects.

One of those projects . . .

Now that the Ontario school board has banned the books on which The Golden Compass was based, I would love to hire 3 college students, a beat-up van, and about 100 copies of the books in nice gift sets and produce a video.

The video would involve the three students attempting to smuggle the books into Toronto and, without getting caught by the authorities, giving away the books to children on the streets of Toronto - particularly near church or church-school property.

Yes, I know that the books are not actually illegal. However, the idea that a school board should prevent children from being presented with ideas that the Church does not like should have gone out with the dark ages. It is far better to be presented with different ideas and discussing them, then banning books.

Indeed, the Church seems to be going back to some very old habits - habits that we should only read about in history books - the history of the Dark Ages.

And post that video on YouTube.

Ah, the pleasures of being rich.


G-man said...

Away from the hustle and bustle of your main blog - I'd like to make a suggestion.

Every now and again, somebody drops by and says something like "who says your morality is right? What basis do you have for saying this is wrong?"

Such a person must be redirected to some of your older posts. You may find it convenient to write up a primer on DU, where you lay out the claims leading to the conclusion that DU describes moral prescriptions... that sort of idea.

A convenient link could be placed on a side bar of the Atheist Ethicist page under a title like "Read this first" or "FAQs about DU" or even "A Primer on DU." That page could link to your relevant essays on any given topic.

Just a thought. Now to type "hbiipsy" into the word verification space...

G-man said...
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Linda said...

Book smuggling... hmm... sounds like a blast! Count me in! :-)