Monday, December 31, 2007


A while back I decided that I would have a set of New Year's resolutions this year.

In order to progress in what I am trying to accomplish in my writings, I need to branch out some and do a bit more work.

My resolution is to keep track of my progress on several projects on this blog.

(1) To cover at least two relevant news items in this blog that should be of interest to my readers.

(2) To add some detail to the Scrap Wikipedia entry on Desire Utilitarianism each day.

(3) To organize a short story contest on the theme that there is no God and that each of us must depend on our own efforts to survive.

(4) To move into video or at least into audio and present some of my ideas in a podcast.

(5) To finish a couple of books that I have been working on and get them into wider distribution than I have done so far.

I will try to make progress on each of these projects every day and keep track of that progress on this site.

Starting tomorrow morning.

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