Friday, December 14, 2007

Top 10: Challenge Religion

This is me offering myself a brief pat on the back.

Atheist Ethicist, my "other blog", just showed up in the top 10 of all atheist blogs according to Challenge Religion.

Okay, it's number 10. That's in the top 10.

My the time you read this it will probably drop out again. I have had a fortunate string of posts that have all attraced above average attention:

My post on Romney's speech: "Faith in America".

And my story providing More Perspective on the Pledge have been best sellers.

In addition, the number one post for my site for the fourth month in a row - my post that has exceeded the next five most popular posts combined, Ben Stein's "Expelled" is still drawing a fair number of people every day.

So, I thank my readers for making the blog Number 10.

Yet, the fact remains, I would rather be right than be popular.


Hume's Ghost said...

That More Perspective on the Pledge post is fantastic. You ought to see about forwarding it to Michael Newdow.

Alonzo Fyfe said...

I did forward a copy to Michael Newdow. Particularly because it contains two arguments that I felt were effective, which I have never heard him use.

(1) Saying that "under God" is not meant to promote belief in god is like saying that "with liberty and justice for all" is not meant to promote liberty and justice for all.

(2) Regardless of whether the atheist leaves the room or refuses to say the pledge, the pledge still says that that being "under god", like being for "liberty and justice for all" is a prerequisite to being a patriot.

Besides, I would like hear somebody try to argue that the word "nigger" is not derogatory merely because nobody is forcing black people to use the term.

Anyway, his response was simply:

"Thank You."

I suspect he read the email, typed a response, and hit the delete key.

Oh well.