Friday, January 4, 2008

Iowa Caucas Results

Honestly, I am not particularly pleased with the Iowa Caucus results.

Huckabee beat Romney. In terms of the type of job they would do as President, both seem equally capable of carrying on the Bush legacy of destroying the nation, and doing significant damage to the world, by ignoring science and basing decisions on superstition and nonsense.

But I am also not a particularly strong fan of having Obama as President either. The main reason is because I am uncomfortable with the idea of amateur hour in the White House. With Obama being elected, I worry about losing another 2 or more years while he learned what the job of President actually entailed.

Even then, will he be able to do a good job? The Presidency is not something that we can fill on a temp-to-perm basis. We do not have a provision in the Constitution that says, "After 90 days, if we are not satisfied, we can release you and try to find somebody else to fill the position."

I find it absolutely bizarre that the job of President is one in which an interviewee can go before the hiring board and say, "My leading qualificiation is that I have absolutely no qualifications for this job," and not be immediately dismissed.

And it is a job where the best answer one can give to a direct question is, "I'm not going to answer that question because saying nothing and offending nobody is better than answering the question and offending somebody."

I fear that Obama's popularity is that of a rock star - a fad - like hoola hoops and bell-bottom jeans, or the hot rock group of the moment - that people decide they must participate in for no other reason than to fit in and be hip.

My question it: What qualifies him to be President?

And don't say, "He had the right answer on Iraq." So did I. (My answer was that Saddam Hussein was a bad person who should be brought down, but that we should wait for a competent President before taking on a job of this type, because Bush was hlmost certainly going to mess things up.) I offer myself as proof that having the right answer in Iraq does not qualify one to be President.

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EvilPoet said...

To answer your question, I have no idea what qualifies him. He talks a good game but for me actions speak louder than words.

As far as his appeal goes, I'm still trying to figure that one out. Why everyone is so in love with the guy is beyond me! So far, he has not resonated with me one bit.

And just think - all of this has just started. Ugh.