Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Technology, Entertainment, Design

Happy new year everybody.

Let's get started building a better future.

It is said that atheism is inconsistent with hope. Yet, one of the web sites I visit in order to get hope is a web site that discusses the actions that people are taking - people who scarcely mention God in their actions - that is a tremendous source of hope.

This is TED.

Technolgoy, Entertainment, Design.

Each year, 1000 intelligent and innovative people get together to discuss ways to make the world a better place than it would otherwise have been.

For example, here you can listen to Amory Lovins talking about winning the oil end game - a group of people who produced a peer-reviewed report on how to significantly and profitably reduce oil consumption.

John Doerr gives a 20 minute presentation on what has been done to reduce the threat of global warming.

William McDonough talks about cradle to cradle design, - designing products that are 100% recycleable - stripping out the harmful molecules and focusing only on the healthy molecules - and using this way of thinking to build whole cities.

I am accustomed to hearing people present grand designs on how to solve great problems - people who have not really thought all of their ideas and what would be involved in putting them into practice.

But . . . what is really exciting about these presentations, is that these people are talking about successes they already have had.

These are people who are doing things.

Projects that are under way.

I'm envious. These are truly amazing projects to be involved in.

It is a buffet of hope - without mention of God.

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