Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Progress Report on the New Year's Resolutions

Okay, I was able to make some progress on my projects today.

(1) I established a facebook page for myself. I largely did this because Martin Freeman established The Science Network on Facebook. The purpose of this site is to collect comments made on the Beyond Belief 2 series, which I am commenting on in my blog. So is Mr. Freeman. So, I figured it would be a good idea for me to participate in the network.

Though, that meant setting up a profile in Facebook.

(2) I resolved this year to make some additions to the scratchpad wiki site on Desire Utilitarianism every day. So, I made some slight addistions to the FAQ for desire utilitarianism at the site. Hopefully, this will fulfill g-man's request that I set up a primer on desire utilitarianism.

(3) I took some steps to establish a short story contest on the theme of, "There Is No God". This is taken from the fact that a movie based on a story written by an atheist author, The Golden Compass gets boycotted, while a movie that is anti-science that states openly that there is a God faces no such response I Am Legend. I'm going to put up $1000 in prize money for this contest. I'm soliciting help to run it and make it a success.


Hume's Ghost said...

Without giving away the movie, I thought that part of I Am Legend was extremely lame.

Doug S. said...

I boycotted I Am Legend, although my boycott wasn't very effective.