Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Future Posts

I am, as it turns out, way behind on the writing that I want to do.

I want to address the problem with a desire utilitarian calculus expressed in the comments in my posting on Justice.

I want to formalize some comments I made to the posts on a series of posts that The Barefoot Bum wrote on game theory.

I want to write a response to evanescent's The Meaning of Life - It's Right Here!. Some of the statements made are false.

These are all parts of a new project that I am taking on in my blog - a project of engaging other blog writers on ideas of value and ethics.

Focusing, of course, on writers I can respect because they actually seem to have an interest in the quality of arguments.

Oh, and I've got to (1) update my web site with links to my blog postings, (2) update the Introduction page to the Beyond Belief 2 series with the most recent postings in that series, (3) read and give final approval to the "Perpsective on the Pledge" book before making it universally available.

Where will I find the time?

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