Monday, July 7, 2008

Promoting "One Nation Under God"

Just a couple of news articles that I wanted to bring your attention.

From the New York Sun, Daniel Johnson, Healthier than Europe Is."

America is the best proof that Tocqueville was right: religion is beneficial — indeed essential — for democracy to flourish.

Danville News, A Blessed Nation

The Fourth may have had its fireworks but Mount Calvary Church held its God & Country Day celebration Sunday.

The event honored veterans of wars with musical performances, recognition of the church’s military veterans, a patriotic video and a sermon emphasizing the United States’ Judeo-Christian roots. The gala also featured the posting of the colors by the Martinsville/Henry County Veterans Honor Guard.

“Our nation has survived because of these four words and the truths they represent – ‘One nation under God,’” said Gary Robertson, senior pastor at Mount Calvary Church, during his sermon.

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