Friday, July 13, 2007

Interesting Web Sites

I have found a couple of web sites that are going to keep me filled with educational material for the near future.

The first one will likely become a source of several posts in my Atheist Ethicist blog, in the same way that Beyond Belief 2006 proved to be a fruitful source of blog material. It's Ted - a collection of 15-minute presentations on a veriety of subjects from people such as:

Richard Dawkins
Dan Dennett
Barry Schwartz
Burt Rutan
E.O. Wilson
Al Gore
Jane Goodall

And on and on. I figure . . . 3 speeches per night as I exercise.

The other site that I will be spending some time on is Space Prizes. Regular, long-term readers know that I have repeated argued for the use of prizes to promote the development of space, and that the development of space is important to the survival of humanity. Here is a site that will keep me informed about how well the prospect of space prizes is going.

So, I hope you don't mind, I have some listening and reading to do.

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