Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Politicized Health Care

I would like to invite you to consider the testimony of Bush's former Surgeon General, as presented in this report from Crooks and Liars.

It presents an assessment from Bush's own hand-picked attorney general that the Bush Administration has heavily interfered with the practice of protecting the nation's health by the application of the best medical science available. This is because where the science of medicine interferes with the witch doctory of the Bush Administration, he sides with the witch doctors.

Who are these creatures that they think it is morally good and proper to play political games with our health - to sell our lives to the highest bidder?

I have a particular keen interest in avoiding many of the dread diseases that I might come down with, and in obtaining quality health care if I should come down with one of these diseases. I do not want some witch doctor driving away evil spirits or preparing me as a religious sacrifice to somebody's imaginary God.

The difference, by the way, - including an explanation of how the science of medicine actually saves lives - is something I described a while back in a posting called Faith Hospital

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