Friday, July 13, 2007

Overgeneralization and Bigotry

I have seen a few posts taking the actions of an individual in Colorado, threatening a college professor for teaching evolution, as reported in the Denver Post, as reason to condemn all of religion.

Yet, I can easily imagine some atheist with a screw loose making the same threats against a church somewhere, leaving notes under the door, condemning the preacher for teaching lies to children and making greater and greater demands to be heard by the church.

If such a person showed up, how would we - how should we - react to the claim that this is indicative of the attitudes being promoted by the militant atheist movement?

I continue to hold that each person should be held responsible for his or her own actions, and that it is an act of bigotry to blame me for the actions of any atheist who might go off the deep end somewhere. Consistency requires doing the same for others. I will condemn this one person for his actions - and condemn any who condone or praise his actions, but I will also condemn any act of bigotry tht wants to overgeneralize and blame others who are not guilty.

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