Monday, July 2, 2007

More on Atheism and Discrimination

Much of the discussioni of whether there is bigotry towards atheists seems to be overlooking an important fact.

(See, for example, Ed Brayton: Atheism and Civil Rights)

The charge is that the "militant" rhetoric of some atheists (I continue to hold that rhetoric does not qualify as militant unless it involves a call towards violence) is a part of the 'image problem' of atheists.

Yet, please note that there is not a 'militant' comment by atheists that has not been topped by an outspoken theist - some directly calling for the establishment of a Christian theocracy in America and which actually do make references to Christian soldiers marching as to war.

Yet, this does not create an 'image problem' for theists. For the most part, these claims are ignored.

In fact, we have some Christians blowing up abortion clinics and killing physicians, and some Muslims blowing up just about anybody, and yet, for these groups, we hear nothing but how important it is not to judge others by the acts of these few. Yet, among Atheists, universal condemnation based on the extremes of a few is standard operating procedure.

When members of Group A can make genuinely militant comments without raising an eyebrow, where members of Group B make comments that must be taken out of context to be considered truly militant, yet Group B has an 'image problem' - this shows that there is discrimination and prejudice at work.


Frank Walton said...

If you are blowing up abortion clinics, or killing doctors you are clearly not a Christian. I don't know what's so hard for people to understand. I hear "hitler was a theist" all the time well, he obviously wasn't a Christian or he wouldn't have killed 60 million jews. No "real" Christians in all of history have ever advocated or used violence. Except during war that's different.
You sound like an intellectual idiot. I'm even going to go as far as tell you you suck.
Frank Walton
Frank Walton exposes Fake Atheism

G-man said...


This guy isn't the real Frank Walton. Of course, the real deal is... well, better off if I don't use words to describe my opinion of him.

However, others are so appalled by his irrationality, rudeness, etc that he has several fakers posing as him, including a very convincing one on blogspot.

His real profile is this:

While this poser probably represents Walton's usual attitude, he's clearly even more of a tool than the real deal Frank.