Friday, September 14, 2007

Europe's Secular Passifism

The Uncreadible Halq has a post, Europe's feebleness: who's to blame considers who is responsible for the apparent fact that Europe seems so submissive in the face of radical Islam.

Does anyone seriously think that Richard Dawkins and his allies are encouraging such a posture regarding Islam? I would hope not. The blame for such feebleness in Europe lies at the feet of mushy religious pluralists, not staunch secularists.

Actually, this is false.

The blame rests with a set of philosophies that did not come from any scripture, but from largely secular/atheist sources. These were the doctrins of post-modernism and cultural relativism.

These are secular philosophies that have failed as much as Communism failed.

Just because somebody is an atheist, does not mean that they always get everything right. A community can be swept up in a non-religious irrationality as easily as they can be swept up in a religious rationality.

Dawkins and his allies are among the first to speak against that tradition, claiming that it is perfectly legitimate to condemn other cultures when those other cultures create people who are a threat to others. In doing so, they are not acting as representatives of Europe's secular culture. They are, instead, attacking the more popular secular European philosophies as directly as they are attacking religious philosophies.

And more power to them for that!

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Hume's Ghost said...

A.C. Grayling recently wrote a column againt proposed public funding of sectarian schools in the UK saying that the state should not be in the business of creating "ghettoes of superstition."