Thursday, September 13, 2007

Support Science. Save a Life

Last night while exercising I had a sudden flash of a series of internet commercials - something like a 30-second television commercial but which I suspect would never appear on the air.

The commercial starts with a middle-aged couple coming through the door of a hospital. They are met with a doctor. The woman asks, "Where's my daughter? How is she?"

The doctor quickly says, "We're doing everything we can," calls for a nurse, and walks away.

Cut away to a temple, where the couple is praying. On the way out the door, they stop at a donations box.


"Prayer has never saved a human life."

There is then a series of quick images; a patient being loaded into an MRI, a doctor looking at a series of x-rays, a lab technition with a test tube, the parents themselves doing research on the web, students attending a lecture on anatomy.

Then a final slide.

"Support science. Save a life."

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