Thursday, June 26, 2008

Agenda Item: Post 'In God We Trust'

Three Rancho Santa Margarita [California] City Council members said Wednesday they approve of displaying "In God We Trust" in Council Chambers and directed city staff to further study the issue.

(Orange County Register: Rancho considers displaying 'In God We Trust')

In saying this, the Council members gave as their reason that this is the national motto, and that is good enough. Apparently, they are not concerned at all with any protests one might make against the legitimacy of this action. So long as the Federal Government endorses the policy, they will to.

Like saying that, so long as the Federal Government endorses slavery, California should have also been a slave state. This whole thing about questioning something that the federal government might be involved in is, well, inappropriate.

Blais said that displaying the phrase is well within the city's rights and that he doesn't want to make this into a political issue. "I got about few $5 bills in my wallet," Blais said. "I got a few quarters in my car. They say 'In God We Trust' on them."

Thompson said he agreed with the mayor. "Again, it's the national motto," Thompson said "There's nothing wrong with displaying our national motto."

Of course, there is something wrong with the motto. There is, in fact, something wrong with displaying a sign that says, "If you do not trust in God then we do not consider you to be one of us." There is something wrong with putting it on the money.

They "urged city staff to research possible designs and locations for the phrase and place the issue on a future city council agenda."

This gives us some time to let the City Council know the problems that exist with posting such a sign.

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