Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Pledge Project: Project Center

Let me turn the lights on here a bit. This place needs some dusting. Does the electricity still work? Can we get some lights on in here? LIGHTS!

Well, it seems that the equipment here still works. That's a good start.

Yes, this is the site I hope to use for the day-to-day operations of the Pledge Project once the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals releases its decision. Here, I hope to collect the news of who is saying what, when, where, and how to contact them.

My hope is to address some of the things people say with respect to 'under God' with the arguments things I have been saying in The Pledge Project.

This site hasn't been used in a while - in a couple of months really. But it shouldn't take much effort to get it cleaned up and set to serve those of us who want to participate in the Pledge Project.

So, let me get busy getting this site organized.

And . . . welcome.

I am glad you came.

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