Friday, June 13, 2008

School Board Refuses to Consider "In God We Trust"

Okay, the Journal is open for business.

First order of business.

Yesterday, I wrote that the Fountain Valley CA was planning to discuss a measure to put "In God We Trust" behind the dias in 6" letters.

Well, the school board did not even put forth a motion to consider the proposal. John Broscoe showed up to pitch the proposal. However, the school board members responded by saying that this has nothing to do with promoting education, so they were not going to consider it.

(See: Orange County Register, Fountain Valley trustees decide not to pursue "In God WE Trust" display.)

Superintendent Marc Ecker commended the board at the end of the meeting for staying true to its mission of teaching and learning, and for "keeping at arm's distance what I feel is dangerous and distracting." It "doesn't further one child learning how to read, or kept safe, or have any part of the curriculum,'' he said about the motto display.

Which is a good enough reason for a school board to reject a proposal.

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