Thursday, June 12, 2008

Marilyn Walton: The Pledge Respects All Who Sacrificed

For anybody who would like to practice writing arguments about the merits of 'under God' in the Pledge before the 9th Circuit Court delivers its opinion, here is another opportunity.

There is an editorial in The Oxford Press, Flag had meaning to POWs of World War II that says (about a person who refuses to stand for the pledge):

. . . someone might remind her in no uncertain terms that she is showing the greatest disrespect not just to her country but all those who sacrificed for her.

I wrote a letter telling how the pledge disrespects those who served without believing in God because it equates a person who does not support 'one nation under God' with somebody who does not support 'liberty and justice for all'.

Or, in other words, the government has said, "Unless you support one nation under God your allegiance means nothing to me."

I would like to encourage others to respond.

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