Saturday, June 30, 2007

Blogging Anonymously

There is a question going about concerning the merits of blogging anonymously as an atheist.

Austin Cline in "Blogging About Atheism" offers it as a plausible suggestion.

Frienly Atheist in "How to Blog About Atheism" says that he is opposed to anonymous blogging.

Mojoey at Deep Thoughts writes in "Blogging About Atheism" blogs anonymously and casts a "yes" vote in the name of protecting his future employment prospects.

Personally, my attitude is derived from the fact that my father was willing to risk - and actually sacrificed - quite a bit in defense of what he believed in. He left the military after 12 years of service with a medical discharge - 100% disabled.

The risks that I take in using my own name - even if they do include some slightly elevated risk of life, limb, and employment - are insignificant compared to the risks that he took, or the risks of millions of people like him.

I owe it to them to be willing to take on some risk.

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