Monday, June 25, 2007

Task List: Week of June 25. 2007

Last Monday I gave myself a task list of things I wanted to accomplish during the net week.

That week is over. Another week now begins.

(1) I added a history section to the Scratchpad Wiki for Desire Utilitarian, but did not add all of the relevant historical figures. However, I did explain the types of ethical theories. Furthermore, I did some work that was not on the list. I started a page that addresses the Naturalistic Fallacy, and added a section to the overview that explained the general desire-utilitarian theory of 'good'.

(2) I did start a wiki-type project on intelligent design, and added a fair amount of text to the project.

(3) I got my home site caught up, so that all of my blog enteries are listed on the front page. It's a start.

Tasks for the upcoming week.

(1) I will add to the intelligent design document every day.

(2) I will add to the wiki project every day. By the end of this week, I will finish the Naturalistic Fallacy page, write an Is/Ought page, and try to get the history section in the Overview page completed.

I sincerely like the wiki project, because it allows me to keep building on it.

I would still like to get some cooperation from others. One of the things that I would like to see is the principles of desire utilitarianism applied to issues that I do not have a particularly strong knowledge of, but which others might. I would also like to see such things as tie-ins between the theory and research in brain science.


borofkin said...

Hi Alonzo,

When you create a page on the Wiki-scratchpad, you should add this line to the bottom:

[[category:Desire Utilitarianism]]

Among other things, this will cause the page to appear on the "Recent changes" list.

Hume's Ghost said...

Re: more cooperation


have you thought about posting something in the Evolution/Creation forum at the Secular Web Discussion boards inviting participation in the intelligent design wiki project?

I used to read that board regularly and I know that there are very many knowledgeable commenters (many with advanced science degrees) that would likely be eager to contribute.