Monday, June 25, 2007

Supreme Court Opinion in Morse vs. Frederick

The Supreme Court has decided the case of Morse and the Juneau School Board et al. v. Frederick. This is a case that I wrote about last March, where a high school student was punished for a sign that said, "Bong Hits 4 Jesus" at what was billed as a high school event. He was not punished for disrupting a school event. He was punished for expressing an opinion contrary to that which the school wanted expressed concerning the use of drugs.

I saw nothing in the Supreme Court's decision that gives me any reason to change to the argument that I gave in my earlier posting. One of the lessons that schools need to teach students is lessons on the moral inappropriateness of using violence or threats of violence to suppress opinions that one disagrees with. The Juneau School Board failed this test, and now the Supreme Court has done so as well.

Effectively, the majority opinion for the Supreme Court says that it is perfectly legitimate to use violence to prevent people from expressing opinions that one disagrees with.


Anonymous said...

i heard about this case becasue i am doing a project on this case for information and this case makes no sense becasue if the people have freedom of speech, and this was approved by the school board then it should not be a problem. Right!!!

P Richy said...

If this event was a school organized event, then the overall impression of the school goes straght down the tubes and less people will want to enroll.

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